A.G. says, “Don and Kim both have such passion for this! It was awesome watching my kid get into something that thoroughly excited him. He practices moves every chance he gets. He really enjoys Coach Don.”

J. M. says, “Good place to meet fun people and have a good time I would recommend kickboxing and jiu-jitsu to anyone who wants to learn self-defense.”

R. B. says, “Everyone has made me feel welcome. Don takes his time to teach and make sure you're understanding what he's teaching and why.”

R.M. says,  "Amazing gym, extremely grateful to be a part of this organization from the beginning. It started out as a small group of people interested in self defense and Jiu Jitsu under the tutelage of Coach "Pressure" Don and Coach Kim. The instructors are extremely accommodating and helpful. Any questions I have about techniques never go unanswered. Doing Jiu jitsu with the amazing group of people that are part of the gym is wonderful. The culture surrounding Modern Martial Arts and Family Fitness is one of inclusion,friendship and growth. Its great knowing everyone on the mat with me is striving to be better than they were the day prior. If you are interested I strongly recommend calling Don to start up training or if you have questions.Overall the programs have personally helped me become more flexible and more confident as well as grown overall as a person."

J.R. says, “The coach has patience and takes the time to review the new lesson to newcomers and children who don't seem to understand some of the moves.”



C.E. says, "Wonderful atmosphere, I always feel welcome and felt like I fit in from day one. Don and Kim are excellent instructors that are approachable if you have any questions and always make sure you know you are doing well in the classes you choose to take with them!"