The striking range of fighting presents a variety of threats. Kickboxing teaches hand, foot, elbow and knee strikes. At Modern Martial Arts and Family Fitness the curriculum focuses on effective striking techniques with an emphasis on agile footwork. Students learn to attack using angles and deception to improve effectiveness. Students also learn to achieve the clinch position to reduce an opponent’s ability to deliver effective strikes. This tactic also allows the student to transition to grappling as needed.

MMAFFC's striking system also addresses weapons. Whether the weapon is a blunt object, edged, pointed or firearm; instruction focuses on effective methods of controlling the scenario and surviving. Students learn to treat all physical altercations as if a weapon is present and control the attacker to prevent access or minimize damage.

Students begin as white belts and progress to yellow, blue, purple, green, brown, and black.

Students with previous training in striking arts will be evaluated for appropriate belt ranking. Progress through the system is judged not only by proficiency but, by the ability to instruct from the MMAFFC curriculum.


Classes meet Tue., and Thu. at 7 p.m.