Modern Martial Arts and Family Fitness Center
What we ARE: We are your home for quality martial arts instruction. We are your family's source for realistic, challenging training which will build
your physical and mental toughness. We are a safe and respectful place for you and your family to learn self-defense and life skills while building lasting friendships and deeper connections.
While we intend to train competitive champions who succeed on the mat and off, we differ from other schools.
What we are NOT:

We are NOT a fight club. We do not promote the martial arts
as a means of violence. Competition can be a healthy part of your training, but this is not a gathering place for brawlers or thugs. Staff and students here are skilled and efficient artists who win competition matches through technique and perseverance, not rage and brutality.
We are NOT a belt factory. Each rank in our martial art signifies true
progress. A new belt represents growth and development. Our students
represent excellence in many dimensions of life. They strive for fitness in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual arenas. Age requirements for belts are minimum guidelines. No matter the physical prowess, no one receives a black belt at MMAFFC until their judgment, maturity and character prove them worthy.


Coach Don Dees is a Black Belt under Prof. Matt Larsen. He is committed to ensuring students learn solid fundamentals in a safe and nurturing environment.